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Free Workout Friday: 8.18.17

Happy Friday all! For this exercise, you’re going to want to grab ONE kettlebell.

Remember to focus on breathing, the movement/form, and listen to your body. Read today’s workout through carefully before going out and tackling it!

Single bell 2-handed clean to squat x5 reps
Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, bell between your feet. Start in squat position, then as you rise, do a 2-handed, single bell clean. As you drop back to starting position, return to squat position.

Single bell 2-handed swing x5 reps
With the kettlebell resting no more than a foot ahead of you, grip the bell and do one swing, then come back to a full stop at your starting position. Do not continuously swing for 5 reps.

Single bell 2 handed racked carry (front) x20 steps
Clean the kettlebell up, walk 20 paces. Chest and eyes forward. Don’t arch your back, take your normal sized steps – don’t leap/lunge/speed walk/etc.

At the end of your 20 steps for the carry, perform this all the way through again. Do the carry three times total, and the first two exercises a total of 6 times.

*Always start with a lighter weight.

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Free Workout Friday: 8.11.14

**Edit: If you’re seeing this post pop up again, apologies! I have been having issues with WordPress moving live posts to “drafts” on me both here, and my personal blog. I have emailed them to get this issue resolved (but if any of you can help a gal out, it’d be much appreciated!) Anyway…

No fancy name for today’s workout, just the date. There are two ways to complete this exercise:

First, do them separate. Run through the weighted stuff first (you’ll be doing it a total of 5 times), then do the core work. OR, you can start with one round of core, complete two whole rounds of the weighted exercises, do a round of core, two more weighted, one more core, then one final round of weights. The choice is yours!

Also, it’s best to do this with kettlebells, however, if you’re using dumbbells, on the swings: switch to single swing. It gets a bit sketchy trying to double swing dumbbells.



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Free Workout Friday: A Twofer.

Are you ready everyone? Because this week is a special one. Since WordPress didn’t publish my scheduled posts while I was on vacation (aka unplugged from the outside world, but still didn’t want to leave you all hanging on my weekly freebie), I’m giving you, today, BOTH of those workouts. So it’s a two-for-one Friday special!

Postnatal moms, be sure to check out the ** at the bottom of the page for modifications to make these safe for you to perform.



‚Äč**Note: Can be done with kettlebells or dumbbells. Always start with a lighter weight and adjust as needed. Postnatal mommas: skip the jumping lunges and do walking lunges in place for Full Court Press. Ditch the Russian twists and put dead bugs in their place for Twistin’ and Turnin’.

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Body 360.

The VanSpice Fitness class schedule is growing! Starting on Wednesday, April 16, Body 360 will join the ranks of Weekend FITT (which is also growing, a Saturday class has been added starting April 19th at 7 a.m.)

What is Body 360?

Body 360 does exactly what the name implies. A full body workout from bodyweight and lightweight exercises and is high intensity centered so each class will not only help build strength and shape the body, but it will help get cardiovascular exercise in and work to build endurance/stamina. It’s a great way to start you day.

High intensity training is a form of strength training that focuses on performing repetitions to the point of momentary muscular failure.

Classes will be done in a circuit-syle format, with one period of low-intensity between circuits.

Where is it held?

Body 360 will be held every Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. in the Studio 44 room at Mid-Coast Gym in Rockland. Once spring finally gets here, and the weather is nice, class will be moved outside (location TBA). Like WFITT, Body 360 is $10/class and space is limited so contact me (207.619.2035 or vanspicefit@gmail.com) to make sure there is room!

What do I need to bring/wear?

Like with all of my classes (and most fitness classes) water! Be sure to wear clothes that are comfortable for you (but please make sure you’re covered in the appropriate places) and that you can sweat in. When classes are held outside, you may want to consider bringing a towel with you as well.

Here’s to hoping that the warmer weather finally comes so classes can get packed up and taken outside to enjoy the fresh air!

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