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Free Workout Friday: One Complex

The idea behind this workout isn’t as a time saver (because you may need to take a bit to get this done, and done with good form), but to save space – or now that it’s nice out finally, get outside and get it done.

Grab either dumbbells or kettlebells, one weight – or load up a bar and use the barbell. You’re not going to change weight for this, so look over the workout and make sure you grab a weight you can do this, in its entirety, with.

You’re going to do 5 reps for 5 rounds. Take as much time between rounds as you need, go slow, and focus on your form – NOT SPEED (remember, this isn’t for time). And like I always say: start lighter than you think you should.


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Free Workout Friday: Keep it Simple. 

For the inch-worm to press: Start in forearm plank position, push up to palms, then walk your feet towards your hands to a forward fold position. Grab your weights, come from the from the forward fold to standing and press the weight overhead. Come back down to forward fold, release weights, walk feet back, and lower back to the starting forearm plank position. That’s ONE rep. Pace yourself and give yourself time as you go. 

**Note: always start with a lighter weight and adjust as needed. Can be performed with a dumbbells or kettlebells.

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