Free Workout Friday: 4.20.18

Today’s workout

Set the clock for 25-minutes and complete as many rounds as pretty (that’s right, once your form gets a bit sloppy, call it a day, and go enjoy a smoothie and the sunshine – which is hopefully shining wherever you are). Take breaks as needed, but if you can, take them at the bottom of each round. See below for instructions on the waiter get-ups.

Deadbugs x10 each side

Seated Arnolds x8

Skater lunges x10 each side

Single arm waiter get-ups x8 each side

Bent row x10

Pallof, half-kneeling x10

**Using either a dumbbell, or a kettlebell in the bottom’s up position, start in the kneeling position. Press the weight overhead, then keeping that weight and arm steady, through your breath, rise to your feet, one leg at a time. Eyes either on the weight, or straight ahead will help keep everything tight and steady (don’t forget to breathe!). Once standing, keeping the weight pressed up, arm strong, return back to start, one leg at a time.

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