Free Workout Friday: 3.23.18

Happy Spring everyone!

Hope everyone either has snow melting, or has spring blooms popping up.

Speaking of snow melting… today’s workout is sure to get you all fired up and heat those muscles up.

Two new moves on this one, be sure to read through the instructions on them before doing them. AND, I’d even go so far as to say, take a second to walk through them weight free.

Have fun!

Weighted side lunge transfer: This, at the core of it all, is your basic side lunge. Start with a dumbbell, or kettlebell at one foot (your feet should be wider than shoulder width apart). Come down on that side with the weight first. Grab the weight, come up to standing position (don’t move your feet!), and then complete the move by lunging to the other side, and “transferring” the weight with you to that side. Set it down. Pick up the weight, and repeat the movement back and forth. One rep is when the weight has gone from one side to the other.

Kettlebell/dumbbell press out: Think pallof press on this one. Can be done kneeling or standing (or even against a wall for more stability if this is your first time). Feet about shoulder width apart. Start with the weight at your chest. Draw in a breath, and as you breathe out – keeping yourself steady – press the weight directly outward. Don’t let your ams sag, and don’t lift them. Keep the exhale slow as you bring the weight out and in.

Today’s workout:

Do this workout, 3-4 times through.

Weighted side lunge “transfer” x10

KB press out x6

Curl to press x10

Bear crawl x5 out & 5 back

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