Free Workout Friday: 3.2.18

Happy Friday!

If you have noticed the FWF series slowing down a bit, you’re right. I’ve bumped the series to every other Friday. 52 workouts a year is a lot, and I noticed the ones I was drafting up for future posts were repeating (just in a different order) ones I had already published since starting this series two years ago. Now into the third year, in a effort to keep things fresh, new, and still adaptable to home workouts, and along the trend of being pre- and postnatal safe, I’m only going to be doing 26 workouts this third year.

So, now that that is out of the way, let’s get the ball rolling on this week’s exercises!

*Current pregnant mommas, and postnatal momma’s that have diastasis recti, swap out the standing trunk rotation with pallof presses. You can do them kneeling or standing, the choice is whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Today’s workout:


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