Free Workout Friday: 2.16.18

Anyone else ready for Spring? I know I certainly am. Late Spring to be more specific. Not the muddy, melty mess early Spring is, but the full bloom, dried Earth Spring.

We missed last week (sorry, there’s no excuse, I just literally forgot it was Friday and to post!). But here we are, back on the run this week.

There are two different ways that you can approach today’s workout. You can either complete each move, all the way through, 12 reps for three rounds. OR, you can work this as a complex, do each move, in a row, 12 reps each. At the bottom of the workout, after wrapping bicep curls, rest, then start from the top (three rounds through).

Today’s workout:


Bent row

Romaninan deadlift

Bicep curl

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