Free Workout Friday: 1.26.18 (Full Body)

…And we’re back! That nasty flu that’s hitting the country hard right now took us down in my house pretty sneakily, and pretty quick. We’re all on the mend now, and hopefully any of you that have had it, or have it, are too. (If you haven’t had it yet, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, etc, etc, etc… you know the drill).

For today, when doing the wall push-up, be sure to stand at an angle. Feet back, and chest closer to the wall. Remember to keep palms under, or close to under your shoulders, and arms tucked closer to sides. Don’t go wide!

On the heel slides, when you lay on the floor, remember to find “neutral.” You can do this by placing your hands at your hip bones and adjusting until everything lines up. Hold that as you bring each leg out and in for the slide.

Do everything 3-4 rounds through, taking rests as needed, for as long as you need.

Today’s workout:

Criss-cross walking lunge x 10 steps each side

Low band curl x10

Wall push-up x10

Heel slide x12 each side

Squat to overhead press x10

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