Free Workout Friday: 1.12.18

We’re wrapping the second work week of 2018 with another great, free full body workout that you can do at home, or take on the road with you if you have travel plans.

With that bent knee donkey kick, make sure your table top position is firm. Wrists in line with your shoulders, palms more in the “grab the floor” cupped position (flat is actually less stable), and knees hip width. If you go too narrow with hands/arms, and your knees, you’ll do a forward lean as you bring that leg up – which counters the movement and makes it less effective. Want to add more challenge? Tuck a dumbbell behind your knee.

On the goblet carry walking lunges, keep that kettlebell or dumbbell up where you would if you were doing goblet squats (clean the weight up, and hold it there). Don’t have any weights handy? Grab some books and hug them tight against your chest for added weight, or use a jug of water – or better yet – have a child? They make great weights too! Hug ’em tight and get to walking!

Do everything 3-4 rounds through.

Today’s workout: 

Bent knee donkey kick x10 each side

Dead bug x30 total (15 each)

Narrow floor press x10

Goblet carry walking lunge x10 each side

Curl to overhead press x10


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