Free Workout Friday: The Letter S.

Good morning everyone, How did all of my East Coaster make out with that bomb cyclone that moved up through?  Hopefully okay!

Up here, with all the blowing from the storm, and the typical effects of being so close to the ocean, it’s hard to tell exactly what we got. But it’s a lot. Which, here, we’re used to. Still doesn’t mean I’m not sitting here hoping Spring hurries the heck up!

Now that the storm has moved out, it’s getting cold again. Trying to think of a way to warm up is what resulted in today’s workout.

In good ole Sesame Street “Letter of the Day” fashion, today’s letter is: S.

Partly for that expletive that comes to mind when I look at the wind chill factor here over the next several days.

But mostly because every single exercise today starts with, well, the letter S.

Grab some bands, a dumbbell or a kettlebell, and dig in!

Today’s workout:

Slow mountain climber 4×8

Straight arm band pull down 4×8

See-saw, walking press 4×8 (each side, 16 total each set)

Swing 4×8

Split squat 4×8 (each side)


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