Free Workout Friday: Healthy Wrists.

Today’s “workout” is a little different than the others. You can either sit, or stand for this one. You don’t need any bands or weights. You don’t need much space.

Today, we’re focusing on keeping your wrists happy, and healthy.


Think about all of the things that you’re doing that are impacting your wrists: Cleans, jerks, presses, snatches, your desk job, yoga, cooking, baking, bathing your kids, folding laundry… The list goes on, and on, and on just like the Erykah Badu song.

Are you taking care of them? Are you doing all that you can for them? A few years back, I found a sequence for wrist health by YogaWithAdrienne that has become regular practice for me.

I quickly realized the benefit of it as someone who spends a lot of time at a desk, my wrists in funky positions holding cameras, working with clients, and as a weight lifter. Then I started moving my yoga practice to daily instead of weekly, and working on arm balances and inversions, and I saw the benefits of it there too.

Takes a little under 4 minutes to go through once. I definitely suggest doing it a few times through. At least once a week. Your wrists will thank you for it.

Detailed step-by-step below the video (I didn’t think you guys wanted to watch the slow, 4 minute video, but you needed to get the gist of it all, so I sped it up).


  • Start in mountain pose (or seated, legs crossed, hands at sides).
  • Bring arms up, press out palms, fingers wide. Turn fingers/hands down, flexing at your wrists (do this a few times).
  • Draw circles with your wrists.
  • Left arm up, bring right fingers to palm, flex your hand.
  • Now reverse, move your fingers down, grab your palm and press your right thumb into the center of your hand. Lengthen through the top of your arm.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Brings arms up, flexing your wrists, and over your head, touch wrists together. Hold for a breath.
  • Now, bring your hands to prayer, lift sternum to thumbs.
  • With palms pressed together, active hands, keep elbows up, and draw your fingers down. (Make sure to keep palms together. If you feel those palms start to move apart, bring your hands back up to where they can touch together again.
  • Bring palms back up, and go side to side, active palms, elbows out.
  • Link fingers together, bring arms out, then up. Keep shoulders down and away from your ears as you lift up.
  • Release, and shake it out.

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