Certification Announcement!

You may have noticed that there was not a Free Workout Friday post this past Friday, and probably chuckled, thinking that I had forgotten, again.

I didn’t. While I do apologize for not getting a workout out to you all this week, it was for a very good reason.

In an effort to better serve my client base, I enrolled in the Coaching and Training Women Academy with the Girls Gone Strong organization to attain my Pre- and Postnatal Coaching Certification.


Since becoming a personal trainer, my continuing education has been growing to be more and more focused on this population – even before having a child of my own. I felt the pull in that direction, and I followed my heart. Despite all of the training over these years, I felt that I needed more, something deeper. This opportunity presented itself to me, and I grabbed a hold of it with excitement and away I went.

The culmination of all the endless nights getting the coursework done, the exams, etc (which is definitely not easy with a toddler around!), came to an end today with exciting news.

I am proud to say that I am now a Certified Pre- and Postnatal Coach.


This isn’t the end of my “forever education.” This is just another chapter, another part of my professional book. I have more courses on the horizon, and there’s some exciting hands-on stuff I get to do next (which is great, because this was certainly more book heavy, and I am more of the preference of being “in the thick of it”).

Always onwards, always upwards.

Always doing what I can to be the best for my clients.

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