Training Tip Tuesday: Front Raise.

Everyone who wants big shoulders, or defined shoulders, does front raises. However, not everyone does them in a way that’s going to best benefit the anterior deltoids to help them grow.

Front raises can be done a variety of ways. Alternating your front raise with dumbbells, using dumbbells with your arms in sync, barbell raises, and even resistance band raises.

It’s not what you use that makes or breaks this exercise, it’s how you execute it with the tools you’re using.

Almost everyone lifts their weight to the 90-degree plane. Bringing their arms up, and even with their shoulders. This is all well and good, and there will be benefit seen by stopping here (you can also trend quicker in your weight lifted gains). However, it’s more of a short term benefit.

Want the long term benefit, and the bigger gain?

Go higher.

By lifting that weight to 110-degrees (roughly your forehead), the anterior deltoid is reaching its peak contraction. Peak contraction is key in any exercises where strength and mass are sought.

Is it really that simple?

Pretty much. Paired with a solid shoulder workout, the higher front raise is going to help you get those shapely shoulders you’re after.

Lift higher my friends, lift higher.


Other key tips for the front raise:

  • Keep your arms straight.
  • Don’t use your elbows to lift. This is a great place where mind-muscle connection comes into play. USE THOSE SHOULDERS to activate and lift.
  • Keep your body aligned. Ribs over hips, don’t tuck your butt under, and don’t pop your butt out.
  • Keep those knees soft. Don’t lock them out.
  • Remember, your arms are the only things moving. Your shoulder is the hinge point. Use the rest of your body as an anchor.


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