Free Workout Friday: Dancin’ to the beat.

Free Workout Friday’s are back! Wednesdays are just too hard to get a workout out to you guys because my days are so jam packed, I don’t get to sit down to blog it out until it’s way past everyone’s bed times.

So back to Fridays we are!

Don’t let this one fool you, it may look easy – and it may start out that way – but it’s not.

It’s kind of like dancing, hence the name. Start with light-medium weight dumbbells at your sides. Come to the forward lunge position, and as you do so, raise your arms up in a front shoulder raise. Return to starting position, and step to a rear lunge, bringing both arms up to a biceps curl. And back you go to starting position. That’s ONE rep. Do five of these on each side for a total of four times. Take breaks as needed, and as you go, if they need to be longer breaks – that’s okay.

Take your time, remember to breath, keep your sights straight ahead (helps your balance as you “dance”), and have a little fun with it – turn the music on and do each movement along with the beat of your favorite song.



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