Free Workout Wednesday: The Living Room Quickie.

I know, I know, I know… but it’s Thursday? We’ll just chalk this up to “Mommy Brain.” I thought I had hit the publish button yesterday morning, but apparently I didn’t and yesterday’s workout sat in drafts until I went to check the engagement and feedback from it. Oops!

Happy Thursday everyone!

This one is great for utilizing the space (no matter what the size is) of your living room. Or maybe the playroom. Bedroom, perhaps? Or, even your laundry room.

Note that on the first exercise, you’ve got an alternative listed beside it. If you’re a momma working with Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), those Pop Squats are not for you. Jumping right now is the worst thing you can do for that POP. That’s where the Air Squat (AKA body weight squat) comes in.

Do 10 rounds of everything, completely through. Resting for 30-90 seconds at the bottom. Do as many rounds as you can, with strong form, for a full 20-minutes. Taking as many rest breaks as needed as you go.

The Arnold Press and Tate Press are best done with dumbbells. Remember: start light.



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