Free Workout Wednesday: Baby’s Sleeping

This week, we’re officially making the transition from releasing the free weekly workout on Fridays to Wednesdays to coincide with an upcoming project that’s being worked on.

For today’s workout, all you need is a space the length (and width) of your body. That’s it. Small space, no weights. The idea for it came to me one night last week while putting my son to bed and remembering the antics he’d go through when he was done with his crib, but wasn’t able to say “Hey mom, dad, I hate this thing, can I get a big boy bed now?”

I didn’t have to be touching him, I just needed to be in the room, in his presence. The second I tried to slip out? He’d wake up and start crying.

This workout is for when you don’t have much space, like at gymnastics/soccer/football/etc practice and don’t want to draw much attention, but need to move? Maybe you’re kid(s) won’t let you leave their line of sight in your family playroom? Or, a baby that simply doesn’t want to feel too far away from you while they sleep: This is perfect!

There are two versions of this workout, each to be done through completely 15 times, pausing for 30 seconds after each set of 5. Shh, Baby’s Sleeping 1 is for those mommas that either do not have diastasis recti, or have corrected their DR. Shh, Baby’s Sleeping 2 is for those mommas currently working with DR. The workouts both accomplish the same thing, but the second one protects that core, and won’t harm that DR if you have it.



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