Free Workout Friday: One Band 9.1.17

To get started, on a future note, I just want to let everyone know that with something I have on the developmental, upcoming side, Free Workout Friday may be shifting to a different day of the week to coincide with this project in progress. But never fear! That weekly free workout will still be here. It’ll still be business as usual, after 6 weeks, the post will be archived as a new weekly workout is posted – just posting on a new day.

The feedback I’ve gotten from all of you out there doing these workouts has been great! Keep up the good work everyone!

For today’s workout, it’s ONE band. That’s right. ONE band. And your entire body. The type of band we use today is called a “monster” band or a “pull up assist” band. You can find them here, here, or here (I happen to have, and love these ones in my home gym).

You’re going to want to do FOUR rounds of these, EIGHT reps a piece. Remember to focus on exhaling when your body is working to pull/lift/move the weight, and exhaling as your body is releasing it. Any questions, don’t be afraid to shoot me an email at




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