Free Workout Friday: 8.18.17

Happy Friday all! For this exercise, you’re going to want to grab ONE kettlebell.

Remember to focus on breathing, the movement/form, and listen to your body. Read today’s workout through carefully before going out and tackling it!

Single bell 2-handed clean to squat x5 reps
Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, bell between your feet. Start in squat position, then as you rise, do a 2-handed, single bell clean. As you drop back to starting position, return to squat position.

Single bell 2-handed swing x5 reps
With the kettlebell resting no more than a foot ahead of you, grip the bell and do one swing, then come back to a full stop at your starting position. Do not continuously swing for 5 reps.

Single bell 2 handed racked carry (front) x20 steps
Clean the kettlebell up, walk 20 paces. Chest and eyes forward. Don’t arch your back, take your normal sized steps – don’t leap/lunge/speed walk/etc.

At the end of your 20 steps for the carry, perform this all the way through again. Do the carry three times total, and the first two exercises a total of 6 times.

*Always start with a lighter weight.


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