Free Workout Friday: 8.11.14

**Edit: If you’re seeing this post pop up again, apologies! I have been having issues with WordPress moving live posts to “drafts” on me both here, and my personal blog. I have emailed them to get this issue resolved (but if any of you can help a gal out, it’d be much appreciated!) Anyway…

No fancy name for today’s workout, just the date. There are two ways to complete this exercise:

First, do them separate. Run through the weighted stuff first (you’ll be doing it a total of 5 times), then do the core work. OR, you can start with one round of core, complete two whole rounds of the weighted exercises, do a round of core, two more weighted, one more core, then one final round of weights. The choice is yours!

Also, it’s best to do this with kettlebells, however, if you’re using dumbbells, on the swings: switch to single swing. It gets a bit sketchy trying to double swing dumbbells.




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