Free Workout Friday: Core Conditioning.

You have probably caught on by now that I never program “crunch-like” movements for your core. Why? Because you don’t have to do sit ups, crunches, or make similar movements to strengthen your core. As a matter of fact, for women in the pre- and postnatal phases, crunching movements like that can be dangerous. Especially for moms who are working to fix their diastasis recti.

But we need strong, solid cores. Our core is the key element in helping with our posture. Bad posture? You probably have a weak core.

Give this core focused workout a go. Start with just a simple two rounds the first time through. Focus on your body alignment, breathing and overall movement. It’s safe to incorporate this into your weekly workout plan two to three times. As you go, and feel more comfortable with the movements, add in rounds. Never do more than five rounds total though.



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