Home workouts: Hip Thrust (modified)

Who says you can’t work out at home – affordably?

Most certainly not me. Did you know that I work with all of my clients exclusively in the comfort of their own homes? I do. Not only did I personally ditch the gym, but I’ve found that the home setting works best for my clients.

Most are working on building their own collection of fitness goodies, but some, I do bring bands, weights and balls along with when I work with them.

On this, social media deemed, “Workout Wednesday”, I’m starting a new series specifically focused on exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home with minimal and universal “equipment” (sometimes you’ll be using that dining room chair and the yoga ball together… just trust me, it’s a good one).

Today’s exercise is the hip thrust. There’s several different ways that you can approach this from using your sofa, a yoga ball or even your child’s ABC puzzlemat pulled apart and stacked.

The hip thrust can be done with a variety of different resistance types. Most commonly seen, is a weight plate on the tops of the thighs. You can perform them with no weights, hold dumbbells or kettlebells at your sides, use a resistance band or a barbell (as seen in the photo below). You can also do them one-legged.

Hip thrust benefits: Hip thrusts target and activate those glute muscles. By building strong glutes, you’re creating a working part of the support system for your lower back which decreases back pain by aligning your pelvis (and during your pregnancy, that alignment is pretty awesome when it comes time to have that baby!). Hip thrusts are also a safe exercise postpartum.

How to: Rest your upper back/shoulder blades on the very front of your sofa or that stack (best to do 2-wide, and tucked up against a wall) of kiddie mat, and bend those knees. If you’re using a yoga ball, make sure it’s against the wall and lean against it with the top half of your back only. Holding the barbell across your lap, below your belly and more at your groin area (if you’re using dumbbells or kettlebells, hold them right at your hips), using your heels as your anchor point, lift your hips by squeezing your glutes until you’re a straight line from those knees all the way up to your shoulders. Do not overextend/rise! Then lower back to your starting position.

How many? Perform three sets of 10 reps with 90-seconds of rest between each set.


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