What’s in a name…

After a lot of thought, I’m ditching my original name. In the beginning of this crazy journey, VanSpice Fitness, well, it fit. Despite my core focus being on prenatal and postnatal women, I was still focused on working with others as well.

Over the past three years, the natural narrowing down of my clientele happened and now, virtually every client of mine is working on their core foundations either during pregnancy or post-pregnancy – or in their senior years.

This shift and change was inevitable. As I’ve grown as a trainer and coach, it was almost expected too.


VanSpice Functional Foundations is the heart and soul of what I’m most passionate about and have been for a long time. It’s where all of my education and focus has taken me. The road I started on, led me right to this very point.

So, welcome to VanSpice Functional Foundations. I’m here to help you keep that foundation solid during your pregnancy, or those years later in life. And I’m here to help you rebuild your foundation after you have had that beautiful bundle of joy. Whether you’ve been in the fitness game for awhile, you just want to be prepared for the “moment”, or you’re looking to start out, VanSpice Functional Foundations is the best place to be to get or keep that core functioning.

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