The Transphormation Challenge & You.

The thing about challenges is… They can be tricky. Especially ones that want to see you and what changes you’ve made within a certain span of time. And those changes have to be specific ones. How muscular or stage ready have you become? As someone just starting out on the “eat better, move more” route, that may not suit you. Probably doesn’t suit a lot of people to be honest.

Time for a challenge change. 1st Phorm, for 2016, is doing the My Transphormation Challenge. The challenge is pretty simple: your journey to transforming yourself into that version of you that you want to be. Healthier. More fit. You don’t have to be ready to hit the stage. You don’t even have to be close!

If you’re one of the over 60% of people who wrote down on their resolutions to start creating habits that will help you move more and eat better, this challenge is an excellent way to stay on target. Why? Because you will have a whole entire team (not just me) behind you, helping you. Answering your questions. Helping you get over those plateaus. Helping you succeed.

While I’m not formally participating, I’m doing it too. I’ve committed myself (as soon as I kick this cold and flu that I’ve come down with recently) to getting myself back on the pavement and running again. Something I haven’t done much since having my baby almost a year ago. I’m committed to working towards my lifting goals, which includes powerlifting meets and competitions later this year. I want to become an even better yogi that I’ve become this past year.

I’m in. Are you?


By signing up, you gain access workouts, nutritional advice and supplement advice, and more. All of it from a crew of certified trainers and nutritionists – just like me. Looking for some help with meal planning? Not sure what you might need for supplements? Shoot me an email at and I can help get you underway on this exciting road.

Did I mention that you don’t have to pay anything? Signing up and access is all free. AND you can WIN money! Who doesn’t like winning money?

Unfortunately, due to my full schedule, I am not able to take on many new clients. To enable a way for me to help everyone reaching out to me, and to ensure all of us stay on track with achieving our goals I am starting a team on 1st Phorm’s new 250K Transphormation Challenge. If you would like to join my team, go to, and invite me as your trainer. My email is



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