What are supplements? Do I need them?

A great many questions answered today, and not a moment too soon as New Year’s is coming quickly upon us and health and wellness top the resolutions list.

Losing weight tops the resolutions list, and ranking fifth is staying fit and healthy. Only 8% of people who set resolutions successfully attain their goal. Given that 45% of the American population sets resolutions, 8% is a very, very small number.

The world of health and fitness is a hard one to navigate, even with the best of intentions. Especially if you’re completely new to the world. That’s where personal trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, etc., come in. It’s the job of your trainer to help you navigate through the choppy seas and rugged terrain. The job of your nutritionist or dietitian to help guide you on the path to sustenance well being. Teaching you to understand foods and what they do to your body. The nutrients you need. And that’s where sometimes, supplements come into play.

What are supplements?

Supplements are often used by those either looking to lose weight, just starting to work on health and fitness goals, bodybuilders, athletes and more. They’re are used to do just as they suggest: supplement. Your diet may be missing important key things to help you meet your goals be it weight loss, build muscle, etc.

It takes much more than just either hitting the pavement for a run, picking up the weights in the gym, or just moving more than you previously have. That’s only 20% of it. The remaining 80% involves what you put into your body for vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Fueling your body is of the utmost importance, and sometimes, you find that you’re struggling to do that based solely on sustenance found in foods. Which is where supplements come in. They fill in the gaps for you, keeping you in the game.

Supplements can also enhance as well.

Supplement types

Multi-vitamins. That’s right. That vitamin you take every morning to stay healthy, fight off that raging cold everyone in your office is catching: is a supplement. Minerals and vitamins found in the foods we eat are packed into those little pills to help you get your daily intake to stay healthy and thriving. Multi-vitamins come in time-release, non-time release, and the pricing varies depending on which you choose (timed versus non-timed).

Amino Acids. Certain amino acids are key and need to be consumed within our diet. Our bodies have several uses for them, one being: aminos are the building blocks for protein. Aminos reduce the healing time of injuries, and they quicken the repair time of damaged tissue.

Protein. Proteins have many key functions in the body. They act as a signal messengers and receptors, enzymes are composed of proteins and they form structural components.

Creatine. Creatine is known for helping fend off muscle fatigue by creating phosphocreatine output during anaerobic activity. By consuming more creatine, the depletion of phosphocreatine is prolonged, giving you more muscle endurance (which results in more power and strength).

Electrolytes. The body loses electrolytes through sweating, which is why it’s key to stay hydrated during exercise. Drinking a fluid containing electrolytes will help keep your body replenished, which is key as electrolytes affect the muscle actions, blood acidity, alongside your hydration levels and other functions of your body.

Thermogenics. Thermogenics are used to increase basal metabolic rate, which increases energy expenditure, helping the body shed weight. Caffeine and ephedrine are most commonly used in thermogenics for that purpose.

Do I need them?

Maybe not. But most likely, you’re needing something. This isn’t something you can really determine on your own, unless you’ve been “in the game” for a stretch. This is where it’s best to reach out to an educated professional who can sit down with you, evaluate your day to day habits and look at the bigger picture (what your goals are) and set forth a plan to help you attain them.

So what’s next?

Grab your phone, grab your computer, whatever your means of connecting with the outside world and connect with the professional that can help you achieve your goals and increase your success rate.

[To insert my own plug here: call me, text me (both numbers are 207-619-2305), email vanspicefit@gmail, Facebook message me on the VanSpice Fitness page. With over a dedicate of human nutrition education and experience, I can help you get on track and get results. I can also connect you with 1st Phorm, the one company throughout all of my years in the “game” that I can feel confident enough, guiding even my own family to. Fruit Loop flavored whey protein powder folks, Fruit Loop flavored!!]

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