Join the movement! The UNBootCamp movement.

Did you hear? You don’t HAVE to kill yourself in a workout to drop pounds, build muscle and be healthy.

What? Exactly. Take the unnecessary impact and stress off of your joints, and keep your body happy and healthy, all while shaping that body by shedding weight and toning up.

How? Join Holly, starting Oct. 3 at 6:30 a.m. at the Midcoast Rec Center in Rockport for the first session of UNBootCamp. For the month of October, the cost is $12 per class or $40 for the whole month. Starting the first week of November, a Wednesday morning class will be added for the same $12 per class, but $80 for the month.

Okay, so what exactly IS UNBootCamp? The class tears away from the stereotypical Boot Camp structure that has taken over the fitness class world, and breaks it down into a workout that accomplishes the same exact thing, but has less risk of injury, easier on those joints, and you’re not rushed to accomplish something for time.

A fusion of traditional strength training, yoga and pilates exercises will help you shed those pounds you have been looking to leave behind, strengthen your body, and leave you feeling good.

The class is challenging for your avid gym goer, and far from intimidating for the beginner. It’s also a great class for those who have maybe been away from fitness for a little while, as well as pre/post natal moms!

Contact Holly at 619-2305 or for more information or to reserve your spot today!

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