Fall into fitness! Newsletter

It’s been awhile and I hope that everyone had a great summer, getting a chance to enjoy that weather we had, take a trip and spend some time with the family!

A LOT has been going on behind the curtain at VanSpice Fitness over the summer. Classes may have been on hold, but one-on-one clientele, along with my full time job, has kept me on my toes. And yes, the rumors are true, my husband and I are expecting our first child, due in February. However, that doesn’t mean I’m throwing in the towel on helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Expansion news:

Starting on September 15, I will be taking on personal training clients at the Midcoast Rec Center in Rockport. MRC is a great location with a wonderful fitness room upstairs. The great part of it all? You’re not walking into a public gym. The fitness room at MRC is only for use when working with a trainer, so that gives you the one thing that a public gym can’t: Privacy while working out. Located right on Route 90/West Street, it’s a central location with easy access. Contact me today to set up your training session!

New classes:

Over the summer, I have been working to create a new class program that is set to become the anti-thesis for bootcamp. UNBootCamp is great for all levels of fitness, and even great for new/expecting moms. I’ve been testing some of the class workouts myself in the gym and I can say this: They are amazing and work your body good! UNBootCamp is a blend of traditional strength training, yoga and pilates. Classes are looking to start in October and run throughout fall, winter and beyond.

Returning classes:

MommyFITT will be back! I have been working to create a new 8-week program (that’s right, an extra two weeks this cycle) and am still working on a location for it. It looks to hit the calendars hopefully in Oct/Nov and have a dual Rockland/Rockport location. Body360 Camp will be returning, but not until later in the season.


It’s official. Well, officially official, more than it was when I got the acceptance email. I am officially a rep for Strong Figure (My bio is here). Strong Figure is an amazing community and brand, and the people who are a part of it, represent Strong Figure in the world of fitness and health. I’m excited to be on board with such a great and inspirational group of people!

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