Real People, Real Bodies


For a lack of a better way to start off this post… This is real life.

This isn’t a movie set where you get paid to look a certain way and have the access to the tools and people to help you look that specific way. This isn’t a runway where your agency sends you a personal trainer and nutritionist to get you ready for that next fashion show. This isn’t a photo shoot for some top of the line magazine, or being put together by whomever the sponsor is who is getting ready that next marketing campaign for their product.

No. This is real life. In this real life you might have a full time job with crazy hours. A family that needs busing to and from this and that. A family that needs dinner cooked. A job, and a full roster of college courses. College courses, and very little cash left over each month. You travel a lot and don’t have steady access to the gym. You live your life on the go. You have a budget, and maybe even a tight one at that. Whatever your life and surrounding environment is: This is real life.

You have those workout DVDs tucked off to the side, but you’ve stopped using them. Maybe it’s a nagging shoulder injury that bothers you when you do it. Maybe it’s not quite what your goal is. You might want to be “buffer”, or perhaps not that buff. You’re looking to get on the right path to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

There are many reasons why people walk away from generic workout programs. The biggest of them all is: They’re just that, generic. They don’t take into account a person’s life, what’s available to them (time and space), injuries, illness, etc…

Or, people do stick with them for the full six, eight, 12 weeks that the DVDs workout program boasts a transformation in. At the end? They still don’t look like that super fit instructor hosting the video. It turns into a let down.

All workout programs can change you in one way or another, but just how they change you is all a part of your genetics. The best way to achieve your fitness goal is to have a program that is tailor made for you. But, personal trainers are expensive. You can’t afford that on top of a gym membership. Your schedule is so busy that maybe you can only make it into the gym once a week and the rest is all up to you at home with what you have available to you there.

It’s hard to be fit and healthy. All of these programs on television, DVDs for sale, websites, they all scream at you “NO EXCUSES!” or “MAKE TIME FOR YOUR HEALTH OR YOU’LL HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR ILLNESS LATER.” Like it’s all so simple.

I’m a fit and healthy person. I was an athlete for many years and have been a weight lifter and “nature exerciser” for more than a decade post high school. I can tell you from all of my own personal experiences, it’s not easy. I have patella problems in both knees from high school sports. I have a spinal disease and fibromyalgia. I work a full time job with a schedule that is at times 12 hour days, almost every day of the week. I manage my household’s finances and take care of the errands. I cook. I clean. I’m also running my own business on the side of it all. There are days when I look at the clock and I realistically know there’s no way in hell I’m getting to the gym. Or there are days when I get home and look at my poor dog and know there’s no way either one of us is dragging the other around the block for a walk or run.

I’ve done countless types of workout programs. In the beginning, before I became certified and before I gained any knowledge of my own of what works and what doesn’t. I had a lot of failure at the start. It wasn’t until the programs started matching my own personal life, goals, and what I’m working with in the genetics department, did it become manageable. Not easy, but manageable.

I’m a real person. I live in this real life that I speak of in this post. And the majority of you do too.

With my experience, my education and knowledge, I want to help people succeed in attaining their fitness goals and living a better, healthier life. Which is why I have started the Real People, Real Bodies campaign. It puts what I know and what I can offer in different ranges to make it more affordable for everyone to succeed. I was given a hand up here and there at the start of my fitness journey, and I want to pay it forward.

Let me help you get there. I can work with you to create a workout and/or nutrition program that is for you and only you. Not everyone else. It can be a program solely for the gym, or traveling/at home. Or, it can be a combination of both so you’ll have the ability to exercise when you have that spare moment to do so. The goal is to make it easy for you so that you’ll succeed.

Contact me for more information on what’s available, or schedule your free consultation and get started today!

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