Weekend FITT.

Weekend FITT is something of a well thought out plan of mine, and one that I’ve been thinking of long before getting certified. Although, I won’t lie, coming up with a name took until AFTER I scheduled the first class.

What is Weekend FITT?

WFITT is a primarily body weight and cardio centered class offered at times that you can actually attend. Classes are always in the mornings, or in the evenings during the work week. Coming from an area that’s pretty blue collar with a lot of working families and people working two jobs, making it to the gym or a class is tough. A lot of people express the want to get in shape, to start moving, to just do something, but can’t because of their crazy and hectic schedules (sound familiar to the working moms out there?). Some are able to get in maybe 20-30 minutes of at home exercise, but have the desire to more. And that’s where WFITT comes in.

We still live in an age where, fortunately, most people either get part of a weekend, or a full weekend. WFITT is for any level, beginner all the way through advanced. It will be tough though, as it’s geared to get you moving, your heart beating and hopefully make you sweat. Each class will be different, so your body will not get used to doing the exercise. The goal is to keep your body guessing!

When and where can I get in on the fitness?

The first class will set sail on Sunday, April 6th at the Mid-Coast Gym’s studio room in Rockland. Class will be at 8 a.m. and last for no longer than an hour. Space is limited. If you’re interested in a spot for one of the classes, shoot an email to vanspicefit@gmail.com. It’s $10/class, and drop-ins are welcome if space accommodates (make sure to email me the day before to double check on space if you might be interested in checking it out).

What do I have to bring?

A good attitude, water and you may want to bring a towel (not a big beach towel, but something bigger than a hand towel). Be sure to wear clothes that you’ll be comfortable moving around in — and sweat in.

Any questions, please feel free to contact vanspicefit@gmail.com or 207.619.2035.


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